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Carpet Styles

Cut pile - A cut pile or plush carpet will give a luxurious look to any room. Cut piles come in huge range of colours and weights.

Twist – Twist piles are available in wool and nylon and are an excellent carpet for family living and heavy traffic areas in most cases. Twist carpets have the advantage of not showing any shading and are not so easily crushed through wear. Twists also come in a great range of colours and weights.

Level Loop - Level loop carpets are generally hard wearing and have a smooth, flat appearance. Loops are available in wool, nylon and polypropylene in a myriad of colours and weights.

Modulated Loops – Modulated loops can give the impression of a pattern or a sisal look. As with level loops, they also are hard wearing in most cases. Two tone modulated loops are popular right now (sisals).

Cut and Loop – Cut and loop, or Hi-lo carpets are an old and trusty favorite for some. They have the luxurious look of a cut pile with the added advantages of loop pile and look great for years. Cut and Loop piles are generally hard wearing carpets that come in a good range of colours and styles

Carpet Tiles

Wool - Wool carpet is a popular choice due to its natural resilience to wear. Wool will still look great in years to come and is always available in fashionable and traditional colours and styles. Wool carpets can be kept looking great with regular vacuuming and a steam clean annually. We stock a huge range of wools, from 50/50 mixes to 100% heavy duty and commercial wools.

Nylon – Nylon is a great choice for people who want a greater colour range at an affordable price. Nylon carpets are generally stain protected to make them easy to clean if there is a spill. We have a good range of nylons to choose from including Stain Master carpets.

Solution Dyed Nylon – There are more and more solution dyed nylon carpets coming into the market all the time. The advantages of a solution dyed nylon carpet are that the yarn is smooth as apposed to wool which is barbed (easier to clean), and when the yarn is extruded it is already a colour, unlike nylon and wool which is dyed after the yarn has been extruded. This process makes the carpet resilient to fading. Solution dyed nylon is hard wearing, easy to clean and a great choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Polypropylene - Poly carpets are the most affordable range of carpets with good wear capabilities and usually come in a loop pile making them an excellent choice for rental properties, family rooms etc. We stock a range a poly carpets that are always available at excellent prices.

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Quest Carpet is a wholly Australian, family owned company, established in 1978. They use the finest European yarns and the best New Zealand wool to manufacture our high quality carpets right here in Australia, with a comprehensive range made to suit all budgets.

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Godfrey Hirst Eco +

The next generation carpet, polymer made from natural corn sugar. New levels of stain, wear and colourfast performance plus enhanced softness.

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Tuftmaster Carpet

Whether you are looking to add value, comfort and style to your home environment, or are a professional designer working to a commercial brief, Tuftmaster is the carpet for you!

100% Australian owned and manufactured, whilst also strongly committed to protecting the environment, Tuftmaster is Australia’s leading manufacturer of premium quality solution dyed nylon tufted carpet for both residential and commercial applications and feature a diverse and exciting selection of pure wool and wool blends.

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Beaulieu Australia

Beaulieu Australia is one the largest carpet manufacturers in Australia, recognised as a market leader in solution dyed technology and environmentally friendly floor-coverings.

Their broad range of synthetic carpets carry a range of added benefits, providing excellent value for money and superior performance. With the latest in carpet manufacturing technology and equipment, Beaulieu has become the premier producer of innovative carpet in Australia.

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Signature Carpet Tiles

Beautiful carpet adds a luxurious ambience to any home. Whether your house decor is modern or period style a signature carpet will create a sophisticated environment you will enjoy for many years.

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Air Step

Airstep has been making underlay from its current site in Victoria for decades. Firstly as a rubber underlay manufacturing facility and recently, following a multi-million dollar investment, foam underlay as well though the most modern and versatile production facility in Australia.

Airstep also undoubtedly has the most extensive range of underlay, to cover almost any flooring installation requirement, in Australia and one of the biggest worldwide.

Airstep is your complete underlay company. Furthermore, with the strongest warranties available you know you can rely on Airstep underlay to go the distance.